Available Kittens
Mary Ann Blasso
Roseville, California
Just Northeast of Sacramento

Born July 11, 2019
Adorabledolls Chevy Azaro
Echoglen Angelica of FinerPointRags
Born August 22, 2019
Adorabledolls Chevy Azaro
FinerPointRags Jazzy Jasmine
Born 10/18/19
CH Adorabledolls Percy Blu
RW TGC RubyRidgeRags Isabella

3 girls and 1 boy
Male and Females can be blue mitted or bicolor
Females can also be blue tortie mitted or bicolor
Blue Lynx Mitted Male - Marvin
Reserved for Vanessa and Ben
Seal Lynx Mitted Male - Monty
Reserved for Shannon and Jeff
Blue Mitted Male - Mylo
Reserved for Susan
Blue Lynx Mitted Female - Marie
Seal Lynx Mitted Male - Morgan
Available/On Hold
Blue Bicolor Male - Luka
Available Right Now!