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Mary Ann Blasso
Roseville, California
(Just Northeast of Sacramento
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and Russell in Brentwood, CA
Luna lives with Mary in Carmichael, CA
Murphy and Levi live with Karen in Stockton, CA
BK lives with Jennifer and Robert Poole in
Elk Grove, CA
Chloe lives with Phyllis and Walter in Grants Pass, OR
Byako lives with Laurie in Olivehurst, CA
Lilah lives with Celeste in Roseville, CA
Kamir and Kashi live with Kathryn in Paso Robles, CA
Chloe lives with Deb and Abby in Roseville, CA
Rocco lives with Marlene in Modesto, CA
Gloria and Heather live with Marlene and Kaleem in Citurs Heights, CA
Moorea lives with Dale and Heather in Salida, CA