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Mary Ann Blasso
Roseville, California
(Just Northeast of Sacramento
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Watson, Penelope and Asbury live with Rod and Karly in Forest Ranch, CA
Emma, Max and Tiana live with Julia and Peter in Pleasanton, CA
Finley lives with Stacey, Vitaly, Riess
and Rhiannon in Granite Bay, CA
Lucy lives with Sonja and Vincent
in Thousand Oaks, CA
Wu-shuang lives with Ariel and Dennis in Milpitas, CA
Shamus lives with Lee and Dan in Reno, NV
Ricky lives with Justin and the Dea Family
in San Francisco, CA
Babette lives with Lisa, Alize and Cole
in Santa Rosa, CA
Nala and Simba live with Gay and John in Los Gatos, CA
Bubba and Biddy live with Tia and Ray in Sacramento, CA
Ariel Jasmine Cinderella lives with Bryan
and his family in Rocklin, CA
Chewie lives with Tracy in
Davis, CA