Ragdoll Colors & Patterns
Mary Ann Blasso
Roseville, California
(Just Northeast of Sacramento
    Ragdolls come in a variety of colors and patterns.  It can take up to three years for color to fully develop on a
    ragdoll regardless of the color or pattern.  All Ragdolls are a blue-eyed pointed cat.  Below is a little
    information about each of the more common types.  Other colors are available such as chocolate and lavender,
    however these are not bred at Finer Point Ragdolls.
Adonis looking handsome again
Blue Point Bicolor - This is Adonis, a typical blue bicolor although the coloring looks grey. A
bicolor has an inverted V on the face.  The feet and underbelly are white with a grey saddle on the
Blue Point Mitted - This is Hannah, a typical blue mitted and again the coloring looks grey. A
mitted cat has a dark face with a white chin, the front paws have white mitts, hence the name, and
typically a white stripe down the belly.
Seal Point Bicolor - Cecelia is a seal point bicolor.  There is an inverted V on her face. Her feet
and underbelly are white. The saddle on her back will be lighter than her point color.
Seal Point Mitted - Victoria is a seal point mitted.  The color points are a dark brown almost
black.  Her face is the dark seal color with a white chin.   While you can't see it, her belly has a
white stripe and she has the white mitted paws.
Color Point - A color point ragdoll has no white and their feet are a point color like their tail, ears and face mask.  They can be
blue, seal or have a lynx pattern in those colors.

Lynx - is a striping pattern that can be available in any of the colors or patterns but is found predominately in their point color.
This is Jasmine.  She is a seal lynx color point.  
See the striped pattern on the points...her tail, face and
This is Isis, a blue lynx
.  Notice the pattern
on her face,
Here is an example of a blue
(left) and a seal lynx
(right) clearly showing
the striping. As these kittens
age, their color will get darker.
Flame Point Mitted and Flame Point Bicolor - The flame appears orange on
these lovely cats.  Here is Midas on the left, a flame point mitted.  Triton is on the
right, a flame point bicolor.  
Tortie - Isabella is a
Blue Cream Tortie
Tortie - a tortie is a tricolor
female cat that's blue or seal
with flame or cream. This is
Cassidy, a Seal Tortie Bicolor.

Torbie - a torbie is a tortie
with lynx.  No picture
This is Amber, a Seal
Mitted Tortie.